Hip dysplasia (Coxa Valga)

Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) in children (Coxa Valga) - a frequent disease. It is an incorrect relative positions of elements of hip joint - a vice, which applies to all elements: the acetabulum, femoral head with the surrounding muscles, ligaments, capsule and is the underdevelopment of these tissues. The group of hip dysplasia in children include such diseases as: congenital subluxation, congenital dislocation and radiologically immature of hip joints.

All the children to determine the presence or absence of hip dysplasia at the age of 3 months need to be done radiography of hip joints in the frontal projection! Ultrasound does not allow an accurate diagnosis of the presence or absence of hip dysplasia.

Normally the neck-shaft angle must be 125-130 degrees.

If there a dysplasia detection it is needed to keep the child in the Pavlik stirrups or Gnevkovskiy apparatus. Conservative treatment should be carried out up to 12 months of age. If conservative treatment does not give positive results - it should be done surgical treatment of hip dysplasia.

Whole treatment time from surgery to fixator removal is only 2 months. The operation is carried out without bloodless and without cutting the skin. Operation time - only 30 minutes for both joints.

If do not do the treatment for hip dysplasia, then with age after 20-25 years there is developing dysplastic coxarthrosis of hip joints, which leads to disability.

X-rays before and after treatment of hip dysplasia you can see below.

Patient 1
Patient 2

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