Bow legs and knock knees correction surgery and treatment

Bow legs or knock knees correction surgery lasts only 30-40 minutes for both legs. The surgery is bloodless absolutely. There are not any traumatize of blood vessels, nerves and muscles. The spinal anaesthetization is using during the surgery. The patient recover consciousness at once as the surgery is finished.

The effect of anaesthetization lasts some more 4-5 hours after the surgery. After the Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus fixation it is 100% natural movement of knee-joint and ankle-joint.

During 3 weeks after the surgery patient moves using wheelchair. Then he begin to walk with help of crutches and insensibly go on foot.

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The patient has to stay 4 weeks for post surgery rehabilitation in the medical center Ladisten Clinic. During this period the patients is under medical observation of Doctor Vitaliy Veklich. After that period patient could go home or stay in the medical center Ladisten Clinic for whole rehabilitation period that lasts 3-4 monthes. If the patient is more than 35 years old and there is large deformity the rehabilitation period could lasts till 4 monthes.

Before the removal of Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus patient has to send X-rays so Doctor Vitaliy Veklich give his permission for apparatuses removal. Patient needs to come in our medical center Ladisten Clinic one more time for Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus removal just for 2 days.

After the Ilizarov-Veklich apparatuses removal patient have avoid the heavy physical activity during 1-2 monthes.

In a year patient could back to our medical center Ladisten Clinic to get cosmetic suture for 3 dots each leg. But usually it is no need for it because the dots in a year become imperceptible at all.

Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus

Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus has much advantages as:

  • made from titanium it has high margin of safety
  • make good use of rods (there are no thin pins) in apparatus that also gives high margin of safety
  • by using rods gives much for cosmetic orthopaedy because the only 3 points of apparatus fixation and after the apparatus removal there are only 3 little imperceptible dots on skin
  • the apparatus is smaller and light in weight
  • by using semi-ring gives patient comfort and convenience during the whole period of treatment

Ilizarov apparatus in comparison with Ilizarov-Veklich apparatus has some weakness:

  • by using pins there are 2 point of fixation for each pin, each pin could traumatize blood vessels and nerves. As many pins using as more probability of blood vessels and nerves traumatize. The most complicated parts of the human body for possible traumatize blood vessels and nerves are hips and shoulders.
  • by using pins there are not enough margin of safety in comparison with rods
  • by using complete ring gives patient low level of comfort because even lying in the bed is not comfortable.
Bowlegs and knock knees correction surgery pictures

Ladisten Clinic

Medical center Ladisten Clinic is like home for our patients. It is three-storyed building situated near the pine-trees forest so the air is always fresh and healing. There are 12 chambers: 4 luxury chambers, 6 first class chambers and 2 second class chambers...

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